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by The Casual Creatives
Fear Less Create More Podcast

Episode 005 | Why Being Intentional is Important for your Business with Shannan Scott


It's been a little while since you've last heard from us, but we're back! And we're here with an episode with Shannan Scott, a fellow podcaster and entrepreneur who helps businesses bring their ideas to life with intention. Shannan truly believes we are made for more, and she is the beauty and brains behind Ideas with Intention, a workshop she created to help people bring their ideas to the forefront and break them down into actionable steps. We had the opportunity to attend her first workshop here in San Diego and took away a lot of great information. On this podcast, you'll hear all about her workshop, and why being intentional is important for your business. She's all about cultivating community and working together to bring a vision come to life, so we are so thankful she was on board when we approached her for this episode because she's helped add to our vision with The Casual Creatives! #TheCasualCreatives #FearLessCreateMore



by The Casual Creatives