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A Good Time | Geek Heart Games Podcast #69


This week, we've got some shenanigans for episode 69, but also some serious news: we'll be ending the podcast after episode 70. Listen for details! But in the meantime, we've still been playing games! Cody's got the update on the latest Destiny quests and he's been trying the Capcom themed card game, Teppen. Sam's playing Deathgarden: Bloodharvest and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. And we've both been enjoying Apex Legends Season 2! In the news, there's a new Switch? We'll be back next week for one more fun-filled episode, so be sure to tune in! contact@geekheartgames.com Twitter & Facebook: @geekheartgames Twitch.tv/GeekHeartGames geekheartgames.com/youtube geekheartgames.com/discord geekheartgames.com/shirts or geekheartgames.com/shirt Cody: @comicbookcody PSN: CaptainRedHood Sam: @sksuvak. PSN: Gizmoto_16 Xbox: Gizmoto16



by Geek Heart Games