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The Opulent Loot Grind | Geek Heart Games Podcast #65


The Red Strings Club is the Pride Pick of the week (and The Outer Wilds gets a quick mention as well)! Sam's also been playing Void Bastards and Little Friends: Dogs and Cats! Cody has broken things off with Marvel Strike Force, but he's returned to his longtime love of Destiny 2. He details all that's new in Season of Opulence as well as the news on what's next with the Shadowkeep DLC, the base game gowing free to play and more! We also talk Stadia news, the latest from Pokemon Sword and Shield, and our thoughts on the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. contact@geekheartgames.com Twitter & Facebook: @geekheartgames Twitch.tv/GeekHeartGames geekheartgames.com/youtube geekheartgames.com/discord geekheartgames.com/shirts or geekheartgames.com/shirt Cody: @comicbookcody PSN: CaptainRedHood Sam: @sksuvak. PSN: Gizmoto_16 Xbox: Gizmoto16



by Geek Heart Games