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The Resogun Addiction | Geek Heart Games Podcast #68


This week, Cody's got more for the Destiny Download, he doesn't recommend Onigiri on Switch, but he's having fun slinging spells in Harry Potter: Wizards Unit. Sam has been trying (and failing) to be badass in My Friend Pedro, and that Resogun addition has returned! In the News, EA Execs give up their bonsus, Mario Royale was not long for this world, and Steam adds an official LGBTQ+ tag! And we have an LGBTQ+ themed listener question from Grune! contact@geekheartgames.com Twitter & Facebook: @geekheartgames Twitch.tv/GeekHeartGames geekheartgames.com/youtube geekheartgames.com/discord geekheartgames.com/shirts or geekheartgames.com/shirt Cody: @comicbookcody PSN: CaptainRedHood Sam: @sksuvak. PSN: Gizmoto_16 Xbox: Gizmoto16



by Geek Heart Games