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by Amity Hanson
Gimme Pizza: A Mary-Kate & Ashley Podcast

Our Story // The Official Mary-Kate & Ashley Biography


This week Amity reads The Official Mary-Kate & Ashley Biography: Our Story. A true look at the first 13 years of Mary-Kate & Ashley's life. If it reads like a book for children, that's because it is. 

Don't forget that this week 100% of profits of merch sales will be going to For The Gworls's Medical Fund. 

"For The Gworls’ Emergency Medical Relief Medical Fund allows us to pay for Black trans folks to travel to clinics and pharmacies during this time, as well as provide co-pay assistance if needed so that they can continue to receive important prescriptions. We send these funds directly to them so that they can transport themselves via a rideshare service to and from wherever they access their medicines. We accept applications from Black, transgender people nationwide."

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by Amity Hanson