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by Kirk Franklin
Good Words with Kirk Franklin

Steve Harvey


Kirk Franklin is joined by legendary comedian, author, and host extraordinaire, Steve Harvey, for a conversation about faith, perseverance, and of course, comedy.

Learn where Steve’s signature style came from. Hear how he was shaped by his upbringing in Cleveland and his struggles early on in his career. Also, find out whether or not his raunchy stand-up routines ever conflicted with his religious background.

Kirk also asks Uncle Steve about his transition from “Black famous” to “everybody famous”. The two get into the origins and cultural impact of the Original Kings of Comedy, as well as how they were affected by Bernie Mac’s death. Plus, Kirk gets Steve's advice on how to be uniquely yourself and not limit your dreams.

It’s a season finale packed with wisdom and laughter. Maybe even a little singing.

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Episode 10

Season 1

by Kirk Franklin