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The Gerontologist Podcast - Special Collection: Gerontology in a Time of Pandemic


Dr. Degenholtz interviewed Dr. Suzanne Meeks, Editor-in-Chief of The Gerontologist, about the recently published special collection of The Gerontologist, Gerontology in a Time of Pandemic (Part I in February 2021; and Part II in March 2021), that brings together fascinating papers on the COVID-19 pandemic. The three articles published in Part I, which were highlighted in this episode, were:

  1. "National Profiles of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Mortality Risks by Age Structure and Preexisting Health Conditions" by A. M. Verdery, L. Newmyer, Wagner, and R. Margolis
  2. "'It's Pure Panic': The Portrayal of Residential Care in American Newspapers During COVID-19" by L. D. Allen and L. Ayalon
  3. "Social Isolation and Psychological Distress During the COVID-1 Pandemic: A Cross-National Analysis" by H. H. Kim & J. H. Jung

In the final part of their conversation, the editors brief discussed Part II of the special collection.

Check out the previous episode, COVID-19 and the Aging Prison Population with Dr. Stephanie Prost, which discusses the paper, "Prisons and COVID-19: A Desperate Call for Gerontological Expertise in Correctional Health Care", published in Part I of this special collection.


Episode 32

by The Gerontological Society of America