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I Want to Start a nmaD Podcast!

Ep. 003 – Muted, rebooted and don’t know what to say.


You ever get all set to talk about something and when you finally get ready to, you forgot what you were going to say? Yah, us too. We found out how much show prep can help when we recorded episode 1 of 2nds Count. We managed just fine, but it turned out to be a ton more work in post production.

Pre-production…lots of effort getting going but…we did it! We got Ep. 1 recorded using two, count’em two, USB mic inputs into the computer thanks to the latest update from Hindenburg. Woo hoo!

We ran into a few issues regarding echos and the duel use of condenser and dynamic mics but I found a cool button in audacity. Check it out! I had to cut a ton audio, but that really goes toward focus and the need for prep work.

Oh, and don’t forget to unmute your keyboard. Panned audio is not good for podcasts! At least not how I had it. Thanks the folks in the Podcasters community in Google plus for some feedback on that!

Listen in as I delve into the recordings of Ep. 1 all that transpired. May even kick a ‘Because of my Podcast’ story over to Dave Jackson at the School of Podcasting.

Thanks again to Audionautix for the production music. Thanks for love everyone! Listen to Episode 3 now!

.:Brother MAK