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In Good Companies

In Good Companies

In Good Companies

About In Good Companies

Starting and running a business or managing one isn’t for the faint of heart. You’re balancing internal and external forces in a continually changing landscape. This is where Cadence Bank’s In Good Companies comes in. We share our wealth of knowledge–and insights from noted industry experts–to guide you through the forces shaping business today.

It’s hosted by Patrick Pacheco, an EVP and President of Cadence Asset Management and Trust, who has more than 25 years’ experience and is a self-proclaimed lifelong learner. He leads discussions with business owners and subject matter experts about how they’re tackling business challenges like:

● What are ways to grow my business without growing my debt?
● How can I turn my data into meaningful information?
● Why is company culture more important than ever?

It’s information you need, in one place, in under 30 minutes. More than 250,000 listeners tune in each week. Shouldn’t you?

With more than 25 years’ experience in wealth management for business clients and a penchant for hosting, Patrick Pacheco is an EVP and president of Cadence Asset Management and Trust, and presenter of the bank’s In Good Companies podcast, now in its fourth season.
His background features years of legal practice and multiple degrees, including a Master of Taxation from University of Houston, a law degree from Southern Methodist University, and both a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Economics from University of Texas at Arlington.
Pacheco describes himself as a lifelong learner and someone who loves asking questions–probably the ones you’re thinking about too. He’s especially excited about season four because of the diversity of topics and guests who will not only share their wealth of knowledge, but listeners will also get tips and tricks they can use in their own businesses, careers and professional lives.



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