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Intel Insights

Intel Insights

About Intel Insights

Welcome to Intel Insights. This is a podcast presented by CNN Military Analyst and 26-year US Air Force Intelligence veteran, Col (Ret) Cedric Leighton.

Tune in each Thursday to learn more about critical national security issues; what is happening and why.

Topics will cover everything from the war in Ukraine to the conflict between China and Taiwan, the scramble for Africa, and the effort to control Latin America. You'll hear about the future of warfare, as well as how cyber robotics and artificial intelligence will shape the battle space for decades to come. 

After spending 26 years as a US Air Force Intelligence Officer, Cedric founded a strategic risk consultancy. A few years later, he became one of CNN's military analysts. In the military, he deployed around the world and served at all levels of command; from combat operations in the Middle East to the air staff and joint staff at the Pentagon. He witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall, helped run special operations missions in Latin America, and fostered military relationships with countries like India and Thailand.

Cedric's strategic risk consultancy specializes in cyber and national security risks to business and government. At CNN, he has helped the network cover many stories, including the Bataclan massacre in Paris, the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, and Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 

The world is a complex place, but Intel insights can help you develop a deeper understanding of the national security challenges we face today.

Connect with Cedric:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CedricLeighton
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cedricleighton/


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