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Sasa Milic - API3 ($API3), Why Oracles Matter, Vitalik & Elon, $LINK Competitor?, EIP 1559 Miners Debate, DAO Discussion


Sasa Milic stops by LADZ City to discuss API3, a platform building Decentralized APIs for Web 3.0, the narrative of $API3 and $LINK, the importance of Miners of EIP 1559, Vitalik and Elon Musk, and Oracles as a business model.

GUEST - https://api3.org/ https://twitter.com/sasamilic33

👬SOCIAL LADZ Community - https://discord.gg/u4a5nMFmva Twitter - https://twitter.com/ladzcity Substack - https://layer1.substack.com

0:00 Start 0:01 Sasha's Background 3:29 API3 Origin Story 5:27 API3 vs. LINK 7:26 Why Oracles and Decentralized APIs Matter? 11:52 The Oracle Business Model 16:10 Oracle Failure Incidents 19:30 Insurance Payouts On-Chain 20:45 Use Cases outside of Price Feeds 23:18 Oracle Systems during Market Crashes 26:32 API3 Breakdown 28:34 Staking $API3 and Insurance 31:16 DAO Discussion 35:27 $API3 Token Model 38:00 Vitalik as Leader of ETH 41:10 M&As vs Partnerships 44:45 Data Science Importance 45:55 EIP 1559 Debate 52:30 Why Miners are Important 55:40 Elon Musk 57:36 Females in Crypto 58:56 Book Recommendation ______________________________________________________________________ This information was found publicly on the internet. Opinions shared on this episode are solely of the Layer1 team. All information is public domain. Please do your own research.

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