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by Young Orthodox Tewahedo Christians
Let's Talk Tewahedo

Side Effects of Purity Culture


We’re Kicking off with a subject that is lowkey saturated but lacks quality. We're talking about  Purity and the culture surrounding it. The dialogue surrounding purity has been watered down to attaching purity to your value and a physical event. In addition to purity being centered around abstinence, we also see purity culture in the way we discuss how women and girls dress or conduct themselves, eternal damnation, and much more. These structures that make a purity culture encourages stigma and shame.

And to cope with that discomfort of what living in purity means, we often find ourselves revising our faith. We’ll learn what the faith really teaches us and real life applications to free ourselves from shame, guilt and isolation that purity culture has offered us.

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by Young Orthodox Tewahedo Christians