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Limitless: A Sales and Marketing Podcast

Ep 58: Leveraging Social Media to Sell Better - Tips, Hacks, and Addressing the Pain-points (with Anmol Garg, Founder at Sales5X)


Hey Limitless Listener!

Your favourite sales and marketing podcast channel is back again with a brand-new episode featuring the multi-talented Anmol Garg, Founder at Sales5X, and Standup Comedian. Anmol was one of the 18 sales leaders to feature on our 'Winning Sales Strategies e-book.'

This is the recorded version of that interview.

Tune now for:

• How social media can help you to identify the exact pain-points of your customers
• Social media tools salespeople can use for better engagement
• Professional LinkedIn Spammer - Why does Anmol calls it the best job? (Pun intended!)
• Anmol's list of the best books on sales and leadership

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Episode 58

by Hippo Video