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LIVE BETTER with Nicolette Mashile powered by Capitec

Unhealthy relationships with people and finances with Khaya Dlanga


Capitec — In episode 4 of the ‘Live Better’ with Nicolette Mashile powered by Capitec Bank podcast Khaya Dlanga shares insightfully about the unhealthy side that can be part of relationships with people and finances. From funerals, expensive weddings to dealing with family and friends who have certain expectations about how you will be spending your money (on them!). Joining this conversation is an ex prisoner who has turned his life around and is now contributing to his community. How does culture play a role in how we relate to people and finances? Is there an aspect of that culture, when it comes to money and relationships, that is challenging for you or that you’d like to change? It seems that many of us end up doing things with our money that we don’t necessarily plan for or want to do. How do you approach situations like this better prepared? You really can live better today to create a better future. If you’d like to take active steps towards a better future, sign up for the free Capitec Live Better Academy by following this link https://www.livebetteracademy.com/ This podcast is hosted by Nicolette Mashile, produced by The Stellar Effect and powered by Capitec Bank. Live Better podcast with Nicolette Mashile- Unhealthy relationships with people and finances with Khaya Dlanga(transcript).pdf — PDF (139.8 KB)


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