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by Gwendolyn Juleus
Manage Money Build Wealth Podcast

041: What Will Your Legacy Be! **Anniversary Episode


"Happy Podcast Anniversary To Me!" My podcast is one year old now! Wow, how time flies!⁠

As a gift to my listeners for helping me to reach this milestone, I am offering a free 30-minute coaching session to the first 5 people who sign up! Here is the link, sign up, and let's get you on your way to financial freedom!⁠

On today’s episode, the very first thing I talk about is my new program that I am offering entitled "Position Yourself For Wealth"!⁠

I'm so excited to finally be able to help women the way that I truly desire to help them by walking them through my 9-week live group coaching program designed to help them get their mind right, master their money, and plan for their future! ⁠

So if this sounds like you, check it out at this link--you won't regret it!⁠

The next thing I talk about is legacy! And if you have given any thought to what yours will be?! I have. I want to leave a legacy for my daughter--for my daughter's children... what about you? What will your legacy be?⁠

I hope you enjoy this episode and think about what your legacy will be!⁠

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by Gwendolyn Juleus