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by Manga Mac Crew
Manga Machinations

335 - The Flowers of Evil part 3


This week Seamus catches up on Vinland Saga, dakazu struggles to read Meisou Senshi Nagata Kabi Gurume de GO!, and we examine the new license announcements! Then we return to our Retrospective on Shuzo Oshimi’s The Flowers of Evil, where a time skip has lead to a much more digestible story arc!!!

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  • 00:00:00 - Intro Song: “Aku no Hana -Nakamura Sawa-” by Uchujin from The Flowers of Evil, Opening, Introductions, Morgana on Shojo & Tell, The Law of Equivalent Exchange, Comparing radio to podcasts
  • 00:04:00 - Listener Emails: Follow up on the ending of Haikyu!!
  • 00:06:08 - Manga Mac pop quiz
  • 00:14:58 - Whatchu Been Reading: Transition Song: Dragon Ball Z OST “Prologue”, *SPOILERS* Seamus has caught up with the English release of Vinland Saga
  • 00:29:55 - Morgana was busy playing Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!
  • 00:32:26 - Delinquents of justice protect the townspeople in WIND BREAKER
  • 00:34:12 - *CONTENT WARNING*(Sexual Assault/Eating Disorders) dakazu struggles to read through Nagata Kabi’s newest series Meisou Senshi Nagata Kabi Gurume de GO!
  • 00:57:13 - News: Yen Press licenses Megumi Hayashibara's The Characters Taught Me Everything: Living Life One Episode at a Time
  • 00:58:55 - VIZ to publish Hideo Kojima’s The Creative Gene
  • 01:04:43 - New VIZ licenses include Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Deserted Island Diary, Pokémon Journeys: The Series, Rosen Blood, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, Mao, My Love Mix-Up!, Akira Toriyama’s Manga Theater and more
  • 01:09:32 - Koyoharu Gotouge is the first manga artist to be on the TIME100 Next list
  • 01:15:38 - Next Episode Preview and Rundown: Retrospective on The Flowers of Evil, A complete review of Shuzo Oshimi’s story about a young teen who’s evil deed is discovered by a classmate with a destructive personality(covers volumes 10-11)
  • 01:16:11 - Main Segment Retrospective: The Flowers of Evil, Transition Song “Hana -a last flower-” by ASA-CHANG&Junrei from The Flowers of Evil, Comprehensive review of Shuzo Oshimi’s story about a middle school boy who is blackmailed by his classmate who reveals his inner perversion(covers volumes 7-9)
  • 02:09:30 - Next Week’s Topic: The Flowers of Evil, Social Media Rundown, Sign Off Song: “wish men” by sunbrain from Beet the Vandel Buster



by Manga Mac Crew