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by marvelchampionsmonthly
Marvel Champions Monthly: A Fan Podcast

Stealth Strike: The One Where Hawkeye Discards His Bow A Lot


Hands off my bow! Here I make many attempts against the collector and finally win with Hawkeye Justice - bonus game at the end where Hawkeye Aggression wins with ease.

-- Get in and Get out – complete the mission. I wish that’s how my games went. The minipodcast Stealth Strike is back where I do an audio recording of my games (this season also available on youtube! something new!). I try to take extra time and talk through some decision making and play fun narrative campaign missions. This season I'll be tackling Galaxy's Most Wanted Standard campaign with my favorite Archer - Hawkeye and then I'll rotate through some stand-alone games with the new modular sets and villains!


Episode 12

by marvelchampionsmonthly