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by Julia Schultz and Abby Vladianu
Media Mumbles

Media Mumbles 6 - Cynthia Erivo


In this episode Julia and Abby discuss one of the most amazing soprano voices in theatre today: Cynthia Erivo! - Talking points include: Cynthia’s career, her almost involvement in The Greatest Showman, and broadway’s history of choosing white creators for the tony awards - Follow us on Twitter @MumblePodcast - Intro/Outro song: In Full Color by Louie Zong (check out Louie on bandcamp!) - Links to stuff we discussed: cynthia erivo (https://open.spotify.com/artist/46UMQ0cW8ToR8egkBRwAxZ?si=hOGmx_TJTAeq41CIodBN7A) - a short hike (http://ashorthike.com/) - archive81 (https://open.spotify.com/show/2jyRVoDZxyNzilVdmq7U3B?si=tSbBFbibR3WFDzjghjvMrg)


Episode 6

by Julia Schultz and Abby Vladianu