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by UnkuTocheey
My view with Unkutocheey

Stress in finding the Love of your life Ft. Som Som


Hey guys! Long time no see huh? Lol
Yes, we know it's been a while which is why our first podcast for season 2 of My view with Unkutocheey is an hour long.
In this podcast I featured someone I'm sure you'll love (listen to find out who 😉) and we talked about anything and everything. We know a lot have been happening in Nigeria and around the world so we tried to bring awareness to these issues then towards the end, we focused on a topic "The stress of finding your soulmate in Nigeria". Did you just say whew? Well yeah. Thinking about it alone is stressing enough 😂
Now join us as we discuss this one major issue young Nigerians encounter all in the name of find their "LOML"
Sit back, listen and enjoy.
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Love, Unkutocheey


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by UnkuTocheey