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by News By The Catalyst
News By The Catalyst

#NewsByTheCatalyst Episode One, The Pleasure Principle


Sexualities is one of those subjects where you want to talk to people that have a sense of warmth and openness and this week we feature two amazing guests, Tyomi Morgan and Celine Manning who speak to spirituality and sexuality, experimenting with positions and sensual fitness.

"What I have found is that a lot of people are still on a different level, they are working to dig out their sexuality from repression, depression and oppression. It is a foreign concept to them and I am very happy to represent and speak to the spiritual side." - Tyomi Morgan

"Sensual fitness is about tapping into your sensual side, you can pole dance, I pole dance and you can do Kegels at any point to tone and feel good about yourself because you are doing something for you." -Celine Manning



by News By The Catalyst