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by Human Guild
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Playing in Shroom Kingdom w/ Game Creator Mario Reder


Mario Reder is creator of the upcoming play-to-earn web video game built with the NEAR protocol blockchain. In this episode he talks with Sasha about:

• Making the jump from software development to game development

• How he decided on building Shroom Kingdom versus other ideas he had

• Choosing to build for the browser instead of other specific platforms

• The tokenomics of Shroom Kingdom

• Building community for a play-to-earn game

• Single biggest challenge in building a play-to-earn game

Episode links:

Shroom Kingdom: https://shroomkingdom.net

SK discord: https://discord.gg/SPZsgSe

Shroom Kingdom white paper: https://whitepaper.shroomkingdom.net/

Mario Reder: https://twitter.com/marior_dev

Sasha Hudzilin: https://twitter.com/AliaksandrH


Episode 59

by Human Guild