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Night Call

121: Brains In Jars Go To The Minnesota State Fair


We start off with a night call about whether your phone camera knows which part of a photo you’re looking at (it does). More chat about phones and surveillance leads to Elon Musk’s Neuralink and a discussion of futurism (both kinds) and transhumanists. Then we get a night email from a listener in Key West about the bind faced by tourist towns with reopening. Emily makes a case for seeing the ocean safely. Then we are joined by comedian and podcaster Brandi Brown (The Bill Corbett Show) who tells us everything you want to know about the Minnesota State Fair, butter busts, her ongoing State Fair related feud with Amy Klobuchar and much more.
Foot Notes

Neuralink in Tech Crunch 

Musk worrying about AI 

Thiel worrying about AI 

Brandi on Twitter

Grain entrapment 

Unofficial rundown of crop art rules 

Princess Kay of the Milky Way 

Klobuchar's state fair debacle 

Seed Queen: The Story of Crop Art and the Amazing Lillian


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Episode 121

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