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Night Call

129: Pyramids, Air Quality Index, & Q Age


Emily is back with tales from the Pyramids of Wyoming and Nevada: the railroad ghost town of the Ames Monument, and driving past the current ghost town of Las Vegas glimpsing the Luxor Pyramid after whispers that MGM plans to blow it up soon. Then it's all calls and emails, starting with another call about the New Age to Q Anon phenomenon (Q Age). After that a listener in Australia calls in to talk about climate change around the globe, and why AQI (Air Quality Index) sites are all over the place. A night email about a public art project involving payphones leads to a pleasant discovery about its purpose. We finish up with time travel paradoxes, real and created by people on drugs, to talk about Twelve Monkeys and what you'd warn people about if you travelled back to January 2020. 
Ames Monument 
Blowing up the Luxor
Purple Air
Futel phones 
Cicada 3301
Futel site 
The Call Center 
Marina Abramovic Microsoft ad 
Time travel paradox 
"Sinbad's Shazaam"
Evil eye pendants

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