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Welcome To Country


This is a story of the contemporary legacy of Welcome to Country, a ceremony that has been performed for thousands and thousands of years by Australia’s first nations peoples. 

Myf speaks to Boon Wurrung Elder N’arweet Carolyn Briggs, Senator for Victoria for the Australian Greens Lydia Thorpe, and legendary activist, agitator and educator, Professor Gary Foley.


Theme by Michael Grossman and Mitch Tolman

“My Left Foot” by Dez Moran via Epidemic Sound:

“New Ambitions” by Trevor Kowalski via Epidemic Sound

“Sadness” by Carl Henriksson via Epidemic Sound

“A Little Bit Too Far” by Anders Ekengren via Epidemic Sound

“A Tiny Tumble” by Josef Falkenskold via Epidemic Sound


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Episode 3

Season 1

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