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by Steph Grant
Overthinking with Steph

S1E6 PT.2 Monogomish + Dating after Marriage + Cold Sores


Here it is... part 2 with Hillary Fortin. I overthink putting out very personal parts of my life, and I’ve realized that my self-talk just goes in circles. I want to be honest and share my beliefs, but I also want to protect my story and only share a small portion of it. I want to be relatable to someone listening, but I also obsess over making such a small part of my story relatable to EVERYONE. That’s impossible, and when I hit that dead-end, I slowly morph back into my old ways of people pleasing. I found myself there with this episode especially. I tried to listen to it as a straight person I know from church, and also as someone who is super on board with open relationships, and then just hope that they could understand my journey and have compassion to where I’m currently at. Hope you enjoy this very raw conversation about hard topics. 


Episode 6

Season 1

by Steph Grant