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Planet Normal

One hell of a week on Planet Earth


Time to pack our bags and head for Planet Normal? Horrifying events in Afghanistan leave Allison Pearson and fellow columnist and guest co-host, Tim Stanley feeling as if they've woken up in a dystopian nightmare. Allison hopes the evacuation process will start to prioritise women and children, Tim argues that withdrawing troops a decade earlier could have seen the very same outcome and both our co-pilots question President Biden’s motivations in leaving the country in the first place.

Also on the podcast: parish priest and broadcaster the Reverend Canon Giles Fraser boards our rocket of right thinking and tells former Sunday school teacher Allison why the gap between a Left and Liberal Church of England and the Brexit-voting public is ‘a real problem’, and why virtual worship just doesn’t cut it.

Plus: Allison shares details of a very Welsh reunion with her mother after more than 18 months, while Tim tells listeners how a recent clumsy mistake is proving rather costly.

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