Episode V — Peddling Cereal to Children, Billboard Taxes & a special rating game


Real Talk T.O., Real Talk (Click on the logo or on the text Episode 5 to download)

Episode 5


  • Is it wrong for advertisers to use cartoon characters on cereal boxes?
  • Should billboards be taxed to help fund art?
  • We’ll play “Overrated, Underrated, Properly Rated” with some issues of the day.
  • In Real Talk T.O., Real Talk overtime, available here, we talk about Twitter gaffes and why one online brand promotion agency just lost Chrysler as a client.


Pierre Hamilton, Freelance PR/Social Media practitioner and all-around cultural curator


Hunter Somerville, Advertising Creative (website)

Nimo Awil, Advertising Copywriter at Ogilvy One (Twitter handle: @ni_motjuste; Tumblr: mot-juste.tumblr.com)

Miguel Pacheco, PR Consultant at Hill & Knowlton

Required Reading:

  • Kids prefer cereal with cartoon characters on the box: study, here.
  • City could be out millions after court kills billboard tax (A hyperbolic headline since the tax still exists, only with new limitations), here.
  • Beautiful City, advocates of the billboard tax, here.

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