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Practicing the Way

Practicing the Way

Practicing the Way

About Practicing the Way

How do we live with a greater level of intentionality in our apprenticeship to Jesus?

The Practicing the Way podcast is the new podcast by Practicing the Way. Each season includes conversations about apprenticeship to Jesus in the modern world.

In season one, John Mark Comer and Tyler Staton explore key themes from John Mark’s book Practicing the Way, now available wherever books are sold.

John Mark and Tyler discuss apprenticeship to Jesus, what it means in everyday terms to be with him, become like him, and do as he did, and how to make space for your spiritual life to flourish by building a personalized Rule of Life.

To learn more about the book, visit www.practicingtheway.org/book. To begin building your personalized Rule of Life, go to www.practicingtheway.org/ruleoflifebuilder. To learn more about Practicing the Way, visit www.practicingtheway.org.


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