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Our Best Second Shots: Sex Trafficking - How 400 children per day are trafficked through Dallas


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WARNING: This podcast contains adult content. While most episodes are family-friendly, this podcast contains content that is not suitable for young children.

In this episode, we take a Second Shot at sex trafficking and discuss the reality of its prevalence in every zip code in America. We also discuss the theories about major US companies, like Wayfair and whether there is any validity to accusations they're involved in trafficking.

Our guest, Jaco Booyens became an advocate for fighting sex trafficking after it hit close to home. Booyens sister was a victim of trafficking and he’s made it his life’s mission to fight the global trafficking crisis.

Booyens is the director of the film 8 Days, which raises awareness about the sex trafficking industry. He’s also the CEO of After Eden Pictures and founder of SHAREtogether, a non-profit organization fighting against the global crisis of sex trafficking.

Homeless children or children who grow up in broken homes aren’t always the targets of trafficking, either. Booyens says “the softest target today in the United States of America is the child that’s at home, with two parents but the parents aren’t present.” Parents might be physically present, but Booyens challenges every parent to really know what their kids are doing on various social media platforms.

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