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by Carrie B. VanWinkle, CFP® | Socially Responsive Investment Advisor & Financial Planner
Smart & Soulful Money® Podcast

Joel Solomon - The Clean Money Revolution: Reinventing Power, Purpose, and Capitalism



  • What is Clean Money? What are the characteristics of clean money?
  • Joel describes the difference between an extractive and generative economy.
  • Joel has been on a lifelong journey of working with systems change and going within for his own personal development work - why has this been important for him to do both?
  • As an inheritor, Joel experienced a special opportunity to work alongside Carol Newell to help support her in creating positive impact. Joel describes how he was able to get clear on his values and channelled it into action in ways that reflected his values.
  • Joel talks about his visioning experience at Hollyhock with Carol. Has there been an underlying core that has stayed constant?
  • What can investors - whether they have $500K, $5M, $50M or more - learn from Joel’s experience working with Carol on how to create impact?
  • What does ‘finding your enough’ mean for Joel and how has he helped others find their enough as a part of creating impact in the world with their assets?
  • As a pioneer, working alongside other pioneers in the space of impact investing, socially responsible investing, social enterprise, local investing, and impact work in philanthropy, how have community and relationship been important parts of creating change?
  • Joel talks about Renewal Funds, a mission venture capital firm he founded, and how it is taking a different approach to catalyzing positive social and environmental change.
  • Why is it important to avoid the idea of perfection in order to create change?
  • “Staying true to your values is powerful, particularly in the face of skepticism about what you know in your bones to be correct.”
  • Joel talks about how he has helped strategically invest in Stonyfield Farms, Alter-Eco, Seventh Generation, how capital works behind the scenes of their favorite companies and how important it is.




Episode 11

by Carrie B. VanWinkle, CFP® | Socially Responsive Investment Advisor & Financial Planner