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by Catherine, LCSW
Social Workers, Rise!

Getting into Good Trouble with Dope Black Social Worker


This week we are sitting down with Kim Young, LCSW, but you may know her as the Dope Black Social Worker who's always getting into good trouble. We talk about so many topics in this episode! How she got started, what areas of social work need changing, and how you can also use your social work skills to be a leader in this space.

If you want to hear about: 

Activism in Social Work

Macro Social Work and Clinical Social Work

Moral Injury

Advice to new black and brown social workers 

... Take a listen to this episode now!!

More about Kim...

Kim Young is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the Commonwealth of Virginia with over a decade of experience working alongside at promise youth, families, and communities.  She is deeply committed to cross sector collaboration that utilizes an asset based approach to develop strategies which promote community driven solutions to system created problems.

Connect with Kim:
Email: kim@dopeblacksocialworker.com

Website: https://www.dopeblacksocialworker.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dopeblack_socialworker/

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Episode 13

by Catherine, LCSW