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by Nuffnang Asia
Ssup, Influencers?!

Gaston Pong on the Journey to Stardom


Since 2 years old, Gaston Pong has been passionate about singing and performing alongside his sister. His desire to understand the entertainment world pushes him to chase after this dream of being a singer and a songwriter. With his determination and consistency, Gaston started his journey to stardom from being discovered on YouTube by making music and parodies to being signed under an artist management company based in China with opportunities to work closely with various artists. 

Dealing with bullying and the beauty standards of the entertainment industry, Gaston shares how he maintains his confidence and why keeping your support system close is important. He emphasises that nothing beats being yourself no matter what and after losing his father, he learned to appreciate the meaningful things in life before it's too late. 

If you are striving to start your journey to stardom, this podcast is meant to inspire you to chase after your dreams. Together with Jason and Jean, we had a purposeful conversation with Gaston and we hope that this episode heartens your souls.


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by Nuffnang Asia