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by That's Not How Science Works
That's Not How Science Works

Henry Cavill Clearly Works out with Plutonium (Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018))


You mission, should you choose to accept it, is to listen to this podcast episode in which we discuss all of the ridiculous science in Mission Impossible: Fallout, a movie that seems to know as much about plutonium as I know about Black Sabbath — which is to say, basically nothing other than the fact that heavy metal is involved. And, of course, because we’re discussing plutonium, we are joined by longtime friend of the podcast and nuclear scientist, Madicken! Because this isn’t just the plutonium podcast, we also talk about the logistics of HALO jumps and RFID tags.

Oh, and Nicole wrote another insane EDM song based on the vocal stylings of Madicken sampled during this episode. It’s in the episode, and you can also find it on the blog post for this episode.

Find the articles for the episode here.

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Episode 29

Season 1

by That's Not How Science Works