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The 20 most influential moments of the last 20 years

20 Most Influential Moments: THE QUEEN'S VISIT

As we near the end of 2020, we’ve been asking Newstalk listeners what they consider to have been the 20 Most Influential Moments of The Last 20 Years
We had Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, a smoking ban, a whole new way of consuming TV and music - and a pandemic…
Over the next few weeks, we’re focusing on one of the Top 20 each day – and today we look back on the Queen's historic visit to Ireland in 2011.

Mary McAleese was President at the time of the visit and was one of the people who played a key role in making the trip happen. She talks to Kieran Cuddihy about that historic moment in May 2011 and reveals what she thinks of the portrayal of the Queen in The Crown.
Michael Foley, Sunday Times reporter and Author of 'The Bloodied Field' tells Ciara and Shane about the significance of the Queen's visit to Croke Park.
Bobby McDonagh, Former Ambassador of Ireland to the United Kingdom, recalls his memories of the Queen's visit with Pat Kenny.
And Pat Leahy, former Assistant Garda Commissioner, describes to Sean Moncrieff the vast security operation that was undertaken during the visit - one of the largest ever in the state’s history.

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The 20 most influential moments of the last 20 years
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