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America Is Back! (To Panicking About Coronavirus), Guest: Dan Gainor


On today's Breitbart News Daily podcast - this past weekend marked the 400th anniversary of Thanksgiving, but if you don't consume alternative media, you might not have been aware of that. Pres. Joe Biden spent his holiday partying in Nantucket at a billionaire's mansion with four types of dessert on the menu! He also bucked the town's mask mandate (does he know something we don't?!) while the world panicked about the new "Omicron" variant of the coronavirus. How bad is it? We don't know yet, but we do know you're a racist if you want to ban any travel. Dr. Anthony Fauci - with extreme hubris - declared he speaks for all of science and attacked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) over - wait for it - January 6th! Then, the Friendly Fascist, aka NIH Director Francis Collins returned to cable news, and as usual, he lied to your face. And, smash-and-grab looting in spreading in lawless Democrat-run cities and there appears to be no end in sight. Finally, our guest today, Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center, is one of the true good guys in conservative media as he and Alex dive into world of media and media bias.


Episode 20

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