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The Canadian Real Estate Investor

25 Point Deal Checklist


In this release of the Canadian Real Estate Investor Podcast, Nick & Dan cover the following topics:

The 25 Point Deal Checklist

  • Location

    • Employment
    • Demographics
    • Future growth potential
    • Local micro-economy
    • Comparables


    • Size, dimensions
    • Conservation
    • Zoning/Planning
    • frontage, roads, traffic
    • Topography & natural heritage


    • Structural issues
    • Cosmetic issues
    • Major maintenance items (furnace, AC, roof, windows?)
    • Add value


    • EGI income
    • Expenses
    • Net income
    • Vacancy risk
    • Risk offset (multiple units?)


    • Are you the right investor to create value for the product
    • Does the deal serve you?
    • Who is your customer/target market for rent?
    • Are you the right service provider for that customer
    • Who is your customer/target market on sale?

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