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The Comedian's Tea Party with Si Deaves

Episode 31 - Matthew Crosby


Good morrow, merry Teavians.

Welcome to this episode with Matthew Crosby, it's a ruddy good one.

I have some (loads of them) technical difficulties, which I do get ironed out in the end, but my word, I felt sick for a moment.

Anyway, it all worked out as Matthew was very generous with his time and we got on famously and, I suspect could have talked all day given the opportunity.

I'll put it here before you read on to the all important social links, in response to not finding much work elsewhere at the minute, I'm putting myself on Fiverr to offer my services as a podcast editor, a session drummer and a voice over artist, so if you need anyone to do any of those things, hit me up via the below link or any of my socials, however you want!fiverr.com/sideaves

So, go and check out Matthew online at;T - @matthewcrosbyI - @matthewcrosby1Podcasts - Go and search for Pappy's to find all things Pappy's, who are incredible and also listen to his radio show with Ed Gamble on Radio X 8am-11am Sunday Mornings, which is also available as a podcast from where you get yours.

And please also go and follow the podcast accounts or get in touch at;I - @TPartyPodT - @TPartyPodE - tpartypod@gmail.com

Thanks for tuning in, folks, you're all the absolute best. Even you.

Big love,SiX


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