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by The Dignited
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#S01E08 My Life in Tech with David Okwii: The Economics of e-Business in Uganda.


In the last episode for season one for my life in tech, we talk to David Okwii co-founder of the Dignited blog and e-commerce electronic platform Odukar store. We share an enlightening conversation around software development, team building and sourcing tech talents among other things. He shares his journey on how he felt in love with technology, please enjoy this conversation with my friend David Okwii.

Show Notes:

1. The Genesis of your life in tech, how did you fall in love with tech?

2. Team Building and how Dignited has managed to be among the top

consumer tech blogs in Sub-Saharan Africa.

3. Software Devs Talent sourcing

4. Software Development career

5. Lessons so far from building Odukar store and e-commerce in Uganda

6. The kindest thing anyone has done for you.

7. The Landscape of the tech industry in Uganda and POV(point of view)


Episode 8

by The Dignited