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Conference Founder Sarah Hatter of Elevate CX - Roll Out the Red Carpet with a Conference Concierge


Sarah Hatter is the founder of Elevate CX, an event series focused on helping and growing customer experience leaders. Sarah started her own conference because she couldn't find any resources for people wanting to break into careers as customer experience professionals.

What started as a peer-to-peer educational event for customer support has blossomed into a year-round community. Now that she's produced over 30 events around the world, Sarah shares how she creates her events with thoughtfulness as a core value.

Look at every other decision that you make through that lens of, "Is this thoughtful? Is it humanizing? Is it going to make them feel good?"

We chat about the creative solutions she's incorporated into her events like having an on-site concierge team, digital liaisons to answer attendee questions online and the speaker guidelines she issues to create a connected experience.

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Episode 12

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