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by Sharyn O’Hagan
The Garden of Confidence

Has your career become your identity


💚 Episode 10 of The Garden Of Confidence  - Has your career become your identity?

When asked do you describe yourself as Sharyn or as Sharyn an accountant? 

How is our work life balance impacted when we attach so much or who we are to our job title? Do you work to live or live to work?
This week I loved chatting with Grace and learning all about her journey and how she is now achieving much more balance and why this was so important. Plus if you have any issues with setting boundaries you will love this episode with all the the practical advice and tips Grace shares. I started to use these tips instantly. Grace has kindly offered a free 30 minute discovery call for all of our viewers, simply type in the comments below if you would like a free call and we will send you the details via Messenger  to book your spot.
Grace Meade


Episode 10

Season 1

by Sharyn O’Hagan