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by Sharyn O’Hagan
The Garden of Confidence

Overcoming Trauma and Your Optimal Self


We all have an amazing power within ourselves to overcome trauma and obstacles but how do we actually apply this power?
What are those first steps that we can take to bring ourselves onto a journey of our happier self?
This week my guest Rachel Gotto will explain exactly this and share her story step by step of how she overcame significant trauma and is now helping and inspiring others to achieve the same with their own power within.

Imagine for one minute a happier World just for you...
A world in which you feel calm and in control.  A world in which you feel at ease in your own body.
A world in which you feel alive and capable, and a world in which you love and accept yourself for who you are ....
Rachel Gotto, Adv Cl. Hyp and RTT


Episode 6

Season 1

by Sharyn O’Hagan