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by Goya MusicMan
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Goya Apresenta Sons Latinos Clássicos


The timing of this upload coincides with the 25 May Africa day celebrations in 2021. For those passionate about African Music can easily relate to any genre from Brazil. This is because of the bond that is shared between Africa and Brazil. In Essence, Brazil forms part of the African Diaspora, and this is due to the Trans-Atlantic slave trade of the past where as part of colonial expansion, former colonialist powers such as Portugal took part in the displacement of African people to the rest of the world.

Those who were enslaved in Brazil took their culture with and from face value, most Brazilians are Africans from the food they eat to the music they play. This mixtape celebrates the influence of Africa on Brazilian Music. It will be silly of me not to mention the people that inspired the mix, firstly to DJ Glen Lewis for releasing the Numero uno 2 part series back in the early 2000s, to Micheal G for the Minah Casa release , to Djs @ Work for the Channel O Summer Essentials release and to the many others who contributed in inspiring this tape.




by Goya MusicMan