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The High Performance Podcast

E183 - Mothers Day Special: Lessons on Parenthood from Jake's Mum (Liz Humphrey)

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Jake and Damian sat down with Jake’s mum, Liz Humphrey, to chat about Jake’s upbringing and her parenting advice, among much more.

Jake shares his experiences being the victim of bullying whilst at school, and Liz explores how she dealt with this challenging time as a parent and as a teacher. She offers advice that she would pass onto the next generation of parents, including how to make your children feel safe in their own home, offering them a space of solace.

Damian interviews the two of them about their relationship and how it has changed as Jake became an adult, including the ways Jake brings new experiences into Liz’s life, like riding motorcycles around central London!

This conversation is an in depth look into how we can seek to improve the lives of children and become better parents, and people, along the way.

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