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The High Performance Podcast

The Year Of Change: Week Three - Consistency

The High Performance Podcast
The High Performance Podcast

This is the third episode in a special mini-series focusing on change. Rethinking how we can create change and helping you understand and implement the building blocks for lasting change. 

This week we focus on CONSISTENCY - the drum beat in the background that keeps you going that all high performers need. In this episode we feature guests including:

Jamie Peacock (Ep157) - Never Fail Twice: https://pod.fo/e/14af62

Sir Ian Mceechan (Ep72) - World Class Basics: https://pod.fo/e/da9c4

Sam Tomkins (Ep159) - The 1%s: https://pod.fo/e/14cdef

Mel Robbins (Ep83) - High Five The Person in The Mirror: https://pod.fo/e/ed46f

We want 2023 to be the year of the change for you! So every Friday in January we’re going to discuss a different focus. Just a reminder that the previous episodes in the series were:

Week One - Setting Goals: https://pod.fo/e/15b825

Week Two - Motivation: https://pod.fo/e/15d066

Next Friday we focus on SUSTAIN and share more secrets of our guests!

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