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The Indisposable Podcast™

The Power of Community and Coalitions


This week, for another special episode in our series on The Reusies™, host Brooking Gatewood sits down with members of Reusable LA – the 2021 Most Impactful Community Leadership award winner at the National Reuse Awards. Alison Waliszewski with 5 Gyres, Melissa Aguayo with Break Free From Plastic, and Emily Parker with Heal the Bay share the history and victories of this powerful and inclusive coalition helping to shift the state of plastic pollution in the city of Los Angeles.

To keep up with Reusable LA’s work and get involved in upcoming actions, visit www.reusablela.org and follow the coalition on social media:

If you’re interested in joining an existing reuse coalition or starting a new one in your community, visit our Community Coalitions webpage to see how you can get involved. For more on grassroots and inclusive organizing, check out episodes 1: A giant leap toward throw-away-free living; 33: Racial Justice & Environmentalism: Together & Inseparable; and 45: Changing the narrative: Environmental justice and plastic production!