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The Joe Budden Podcast

Episode 498 | "Finish Your Breakfast"


Joe and the guys finished off the year strong. They are wrapping up the final podcast of the year by recapping their holiday (18:20) and giving Nas his flowers for a fantastic 2021 (23:55). Joe also shares his thoughts on 'Album of the Year,' and the guys provide their lists (45:20), Kanye West purchases a house across from Kim Kardashian (1:02:00), the guys recap their year of podding (1:23:45) and much more on the final pod of 2021!

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Ep. 498 Sleeper Picks

Joe | Ne-Yo - “Stay Down” (Ft. Yung Bleu)

Ice | Yung Bleu - “No, I’m Not Ok”

Parks | Nas - “The Truth”

Ish | “The Best Man Be” (Ft. Ginuwine, R.L., Tyrese & Case)