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The Mad Scientist Lab Podcast

Episode 74 | Make Space For Pizza | The Mad Scientist Lab Podcast


On this week's episode of The Mad Scientist Lab Podcast, we were very flattered to have none other than local pizzamaker and businessman Micheal Bozzelli join us!!

From his father's humble beginnings in Italy all the way to opening his shop right down the street on Alban Rd. Mike goes into detail about his passion and struggles in the restaurant business.

Mike was an intern on Capitol Hill for 3 years and realized it wasn’t for him so he decided to drop it all and continue his father's legacy.

We ask how the Pandemic has affected his business and Mike's response is nothing short of amazing. He truly believes that it pushes him to be a better businessman.

All this talk of Pizza has RJ looking back at his time in Pizza World as he trades stories with Mike about the business that gave RJ so much. Is The Pizza Business in RJs DNA forever ??

Only Time Will Tell.

We discuss Mike's favorite films and music when Greg makes the revelation that Scarface is a good bad movie??

And From The East to The West Coast Mike talks about his love for wine and how he even once tasted a wine so good he compares it to “Gold” Last but certainly not least RJ asks the most important question when it comes to Pizza.

Does pineapple belong on the beloved food? We want to thank Mike for taking time out of his busy schedule to come talk shop with us and we wish him nothing but the best.

Please if you have not tried Bozzelli's their are 4 locations (soon to be 5) across the DMV area from Alban Rd all the way to Washington D.C. Support your locally owned businesses during these difficult times. This is a show you don’t want to miss!!

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