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The Mad Scientist Lab Podcast

Episode 75 | Pulling Teeth | The Mad Scientist Lab Podcast


On this week's episode, of The Mad Scientist Lab Podcast, RJ is disappointed that he has been communications banned on Xbox for 24 hours due to some scrub a dub nerd who can’t handle trash talk. What has gaming come to when you can’t tell someone to
F**k off??

RJ tells Greg to hit him with a steel chair however Jared’s quick thinking results in this catastrophic event not happening. This leads RJ to remember yet another story from his youth involving a ladder and a stuffed polar bear...

Greg wonders what the secrets to “Mackin” on females with the masks on is as we try to sit and think of ways for him to do so.
The #Bussit Challenge and we are hit with the fact that we are dirty old men. Sorry Not Sorry.

Last but not least how long should a meme last? A week? A few days? Possibly Forever?? Well, maybe our special guest will be able to tell us.

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