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Episode 81 | Blatantly Disrespectful | The Mad Scientist Lab


This week's The Mad Scientist Lab goes back to its roots as RJ and Jared return as the broadcasting duo.

Social media is a hell of a thing as RJ tells a story of a video circulating of a young lady in distress being filmed and laughed at instead of being helped. It’s such a shame what people will do just to get views and “likes”

Jared becomes RJs therapist as RJ opens up about his current mental state and emotional status as he moves farther away from what he used to be. WHERE IS THE INSPIRATION DAMN IT!!

From Mr. Potato Head to Dr. Seuss the guys break down their thoughts on “Cancel Culture” and the impact it has on today’s society. It really is quite interesting when you break things down.

Also, Jared talks about Wandavision and its masterful storytelling and 3 years later RJ finally plays the “new” God Of War. I won’t lie it’s super badass!

All this and more on this week’s episode so make sure you take the time to...

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