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Episode 82 | Vernal Equinox | The Mad Scientist Lab


This week's show has RJ and Jared doing their thang as usual. We realize that the show's numbers are slowly increasing and a big thank you to everyone for your support.

What do you guys miss most since the pandemic started?

RJ is looking forward to attending a baseball game so he can spend an arm and a leg on beer and hotdogs as well as going back to the movies. Jared wholeheartedly agrees.

Speaking of movies the Zack Snyder's Justice League Cut is out and has fans rejoicing with pleasure as it is much better than the original according to Jared.

There are rumors of possibly making a 3rd Ace Ventura movie which has RJ excited yet optimistic because of REASONS.

RJ claims that he is Batman and Jared is Robin however Jared makes a valid argument and leaves RJ speechless so he just burps into the microphone.

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